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Online Booking: Schedule your next appointment online

New! 20-minute appointments are available for registered clients of our Primary Health Care team who are needing a follow-up or prescription renewal. A health card is required to book online. These appointments are limited, but can be booked up to 14 days in advance.

Click on your provider's name to book your appointment.

Angela Cassell

Appointments available Wednesday mornings

Corey Akisanya Appointments available Wednesday mornings

Dr. Cuong Ngo-Minh Appointments available Tuesday mornings

Dr. Flavia Sendi-Mukasa Appointments available Tuesday afternoons

Dr. Laura Muldoon

Appointments available Monday mornings

Laura Kollenberg

Appointments available Tuesday & Wednesday afternoons

Walk-in Clinic

Registered clients experiencing an acute health issue can book a same-day 20-minute phone appointment for our walk-in clinic. Click here to book an appointment with the walk-in Eccles. Appointments available Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday mornings

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