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Strategic Directions

For over 45 years Somerset West CHC has been driven by its strong sense of purpose and commitment to innovation and excellence. Together, Toward Common Goals – Strategic Directions 2017-2022 will guide our work until 2022.

The SWCHC Strategic Plan Articulated in Strategic Story 

The culmination of a year of collaborative work that could not have been completed without the support of staff, clients, community members and partners. Thanks are extended to: the 44 staff and partners that attended an early morning Community Knowledge Exchange forum; the 19 partners who made their staff and managers available for focus groups and interviews in the fall of 2016; the 50 + staff, community and board members that attended a Saturday Strategic Thinking Day; the 18 clients that participated in semi-structured interviews in the spring of 2016; the 30 staff and 36 partners that responded to and online survey administered by our consultants and the SWCHC Board members who participated in all these activities. (See Appendix 5 for a list of participants) 

Ottawa Community Health Centres Collaborative Strategic Plan

North Star – Health Equity

Given that the 6 Ottawa CHCs ( Carlington CHC, Centretown CHC, Pinecrest Queensway CHC, Sandy Hill CHC South East Ottawa CHC and Somerset West CHC) shared similar mandates, client profiles, and pressure points, a decision was made to formalize our partnerships by engaging in a joint strategic planning process. The collaborative strategic plan allowed each of the 6 CHCs to identify joint priorities while still permitting each Centre to specify cCentre-specific goals to their plan, based on the unique needs and priorities impacting their communities.

Common Strategic Directions Include:

  • Enhance Access for People with Complex Needs

  • Demonstrate Quality Through Impact

  • Leverage Collective