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Community Programs

SWCHC is well known for its excellent Community Health Centre (CHC) model and its professional health services team, but it has also become a leader in offering a wide range of community-building activities and advocacy programs. Learn about our service delivery philosophy here

We invite you to browse any of the categories below to explore our current services.

Kids in Preschool

Children & Youth

Our children and youth programs support caregivers and parents in a range of languages—from nursery school, to playgroups, homework clubs, workshops and more.

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Community Development

We work alongside community members to make our neighbourhood and our city an even better place to live. Projects are community driven, with the residents choosing the priorities that matter to them and finding solutions together.


Neighbourhood Support

We support residents in their neighbourhood. This can include practical assistance at the Rochester Heights Community House, like after school programs, support groups and more.

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Healthy cooking workshops, affordable fresh food options and support to get food for your household are among the ways we help with food.



 A variety of social groups and workshops for seniors aged 60+, including community kitchen, exercised groups and more in a range of languages.


African, Caribbean & Black

Services for the community by the community, including wellness workshops, HIV outreach, ACB support line and more.

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