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Cooking for a Cause - Ottawa

COVID-19 has changed people’s access to food. Some of the usual services are not open, or are operating differently, or on a smaller scale. More people are without food than ever before.

Cooking for a Cause (CFAC), spearheaded by the Ottawa Community Food Partnership, has brought together local food businesses and social service agencies to meet the growing need for food during the pandemic. Through the CFAC program local food businesses have been able to stay open and contribute to their community.

Each week Somerset West Community Health Centre receives 650 meals from three local food businesses through the CFAC program. We also distribute meals and groceries provided by the CFAC program through outreach.

The power of food goes beyond fueling bodies. The food through the CFAC program has facilitated wellness checks, strengthened relationships with clients and has been the launch point for us to welcome clients to our centre and to access our services. Food is a vehicle for us to express our care and consideration for one another and to stay connected.

The Ottawa Community Foundation has released a video with interviews from many social service agencies and clients connected to the CFAC program. We are pleased to share that video with you to show the importance and positive impacts that food has on our community.

A huge thank you goes out to the Ottawa Community Foundation, Ottawa Community Food Partnership, Parkdale Food Centre, Urban Element, Double Happiness BBQ, Kowloon and our wonderful volunteers who pick up and deliver food to 55 Eccles everyday.


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