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Ottawa Community Lung Health Program

Ottawa Community Lung Health Program




Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Contact Details

& Service Area

For who:

People wtih COPD

Service Area:

Greater Ottawa Region, Ottawa-wide, SWCHC Service Area

SWCHC Service Area

SWCHC Service Area


Ottawa Community Lung Health Program, 2249 Carling Ave, Suite 200

For more information:

Call 613-288-0163

Languages Offered:

French, English

About this Program

The Ottawa Community Lung Health Program (OCLHP) provides an evidence-based approach that improves the health and quality of life of people living with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The OCLHP consists of assessment, spirometry (breathing test), education, the development of an action plan, and follow-up care for clients with COPD . When someone is referred to the lung health program, they will be seen by a Registered Respiratory Therapist or Certified Respiratory Educator (CRE). The CRE will help you understand and manage your symptoms.

The OCLHP also provides a community based pulmonary rehab program.

This 8-week pulmonary rehabilitation program is designed for people with COPD to decrease symptoms and improve their ability to function in daily life.

The program consists of assessment, education, follow-up care, and an exercise component with an exercise specialist. The exercise portion is an 8-week program which can be accessed both virtually or in person. Your pulmonary rehabilitation team will work with you to meet your goals.

We accept referrals from any primary care provider or specialist.  You can find more information on the lung health programs in the Champlain Region here.

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