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Complex Respiratory Care Program

Complex Respiratory Care Program




Monday - Friday 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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Please see above

Service Area:

SWCHC Service Area, Champlain Region Area

SWCHC Service Area

SWCHC Service Area


2249 Carling Ave, Suite 200

For more information:

Call 613-288-0163

Languages Offered:

French, English

About this Program

The Complex Respiratory Care Program is a community-based respiratory therapy outreach program that helps clients currently living in the community with complex respiratory needs or those clients in the acute or sub-acute care setting with high respiratory needs integrate back into the community.   Service is provided by a Registered Respiratory Therapist.


The Complex Respiratory Care Program provides in-home assessment, trach tube changes, training, and education to medically stable clients with tracheostomy or ventilator-assisted individuals and their families using a variety of tools. The respiratory therapist provides routine follow up and ongoing support to the client while in the community. The respiratory therapist will work with the discharging facility to promote a safe and successful discharge to home or community living.


Education is offered on an individual basis or in a group workshop setting to clients, caregivers, health care professionals, and family members. Training and education are available for invasive ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, mouthpiece ventilation, lung volume recruitment, cough assist, tracheostomy tubes, suctioning, and respiratory assessments.

Clinical support and education will be offered to clients who meet the following criteria:

  1. Medically Stable with a primary care physician and/or respirologist

  2. Adult population

  3. Invasively/Non-invasively ventilated at home or community living

  4. Invasively/Non-invasively ventilated pending discharge to home or community

  5. Tracheostomy tube and routine trach tube changes

  6. Use of Cough Assist device

  7. Champlain LHIN service area

The cost of the service is covered for clients with a valid Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card living within the Champlain LHIN. You can download the Complex Respiratory Care Program referral form HERE!

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