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About this Program

Ottawa’s West Centretown is bounded by Bronson Ave to the east, the O-Train line to the west, the Ottawa River to the north, and Carling Ave to the south.

This is a diverse community: 35% are visible minorities, over 30% are immigrants or non-permanent residents, over 25% of residents live on low-income, and the area has the highest concentration of rooming houses.

But West Centretown’s affordability and diversity is decreasing.

Many residents can no longer afford to live in the community. Low-income residents have had to leave the community as properties are sold and refurbished. Those who remain may feel they no longer belong as the community becomes too expensive to live in. Many of the new construction projects are for middle and upper income renters and homeowners.

The Building Community…Together group worries about some construction projects. West Centretown is more expensive and less diverse. Many residents can no longer afford to live in the community.

So far, housing providers and developers ask for community feedback on individual projects, instead of looking at how the whole community will be impacted by the multiple projects being planned for the area. There has also not been any discussions on how to create an inclusive and welcoming community as we grow, along with important elements like parks, community centres, schools, childcare, and affordable access to healthy food.

Every person should have a voice when changes are planned for their community.

We want to make sure that new construction projects include affordable housing and authentically consult on West Centretown’s needs.

Join Building Community…Together to learn how to make your voice heard and plan for West Centretown’s future.

We invite West Centretown residents to:

  • Join our group

  • Speak with your neighbours

  • Speak up at city and developer consultations

  • Participate in community visioning

To get involved or for more information:

  • Call 613-296-8817.

  • Sign up to our newsletter

  • Like us on Facebook and follow this blog for updates on our activities.

Learn more about the inventory of development by clicking here.

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