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Anti-Racism Community Initiative

Anti-Racism Community Initiative




Monday to Friday

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Ages 19+

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SWCHC Service Area

SWCHC Service Area

SWCHC Service Area


Rosemount Branch

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Please call or email Magda at 613-295-0343,

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About this Program

Our anti-racism community initiative works to improve social cohesion and inclusion by working with residents of our neighborhood and participants of our programs to create community-based solutions to fight racism and discrimination.

The Work So Far

Please visit this link: for an update about our work so far and how to get involved in the next step of this initiative.


The way you understand racism affects how you see it and so how you dismantle it.

  • In Canada, racism is fundamentally linked to settler colonialism and white supremacy.

  • Our socio-economic and political systems are designed to benefit those defined and perceived as white.

  • Racism can be covert and overt.

  • It shows up in individual interactions, in institutions, in cultural practices and in our systems, and can take different forms: anti-Indigenous, anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-Muslim, etc.

  • Racism creates racial categories and a racial hierarchy.

  • Racism impacts access to resources, power and security. As a result, racism determines the collective health and well-being of various racial groups.


  • Is “an active and consistent process of change to eliminate individual, institutional, and systemic racism”.

  • It is a healing journey.

  • It requires us to understand how racism operates, and to habitually reflect and notice how our actions interact with racist systems.

  • Anti-racism is intentional work, consciously decenters whiteness grounded on particular political and social contexts and histories.

  • It must be an anti- colonial process in Canada that is rooted in understanding who we are and where we come from.

  • It requires us to amend our relationships with the land

  • Anti-racism is to create a beloved community where truth-telling, relationship building and accountability are honoured.

Anti-Racism Resources

Please click here and scroll down to the Anti-Racism section for a list of selected resources.